Chairman Message

Courage is not defined by those who fought and did not fall, but those who fought, fell and rose again.

APS Almora is known for its quality education with all dimensions. We feel proud for running APS Almora since 1991. We have been consistently delivering value to each and every student for the outer world as we make the foundation for their brighter future and career. We have a highly professional team of faculty members and associates who have high experience of serving experienced education to students in different fields of life.

Our students are trained in every form, physically and mentally as to groom for competitive world. Our motto behind every student is not only success but talent as well.

Since the inception of Army Public School, Almora, we have been achieving success in delivering quality students to the nation for service of the nation. In the journey of success, we believe in hardwork and dedication of every student with collaboration of faculty as to bring best output.

My best wishes to all students and faculty members of Army Public School, Almora for the brighter future of students and shining life.

Principal Message

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit

Dear students, faculty members and all staff members of Army Public school, our commitment at APS, Almora is to provide intellectual, advanced, safe and positive learning environment to our students. I would like to continue my expectation from every student for excellent academic performance. Apart from this active participation in all extra-curricular activities.

I feel proud of having enthusiastic students who are willing to learn from all corners of academics, excellent supportive parents for their children’s education and dedicated staff of faculty members who have years of experience in delivering quality education to students in different field of education.

My vision of education not only limited to classroom itself, but beyond that. I appreciate participation of students in sports, cultural, adventure and other co-curricular programs which are designed as to overcome talent of each and every student. I provide my best to ensure high standard education in all classes with technologically advanced learning system.

I am highly honored to serve you as your principal and once again I convey by best regards to each and every students, parents and faculty and staff members for the maintaining the success of APS Almora.

Our Vision & Mission

High Quality education for better tomorrow

We are committed towards delivering quality education to our students and we are working towards providing most theoretical subjects with practical environment as to make students understand better each and every subject.

Interactive E-Learning education system

We are focusing on e-learning based education system as to get rid of books load in school bags for students. E-Learning based education system will help students to searching and sorting, filtering and grasping topics more easily and with less efforts.

International students curriculum Activities

Our Vision is to bring our students in all international school competition in the field of education and extracurricular activities. This will help students to overcome their talent in the world and they will be more enthusiastic for such participations.

International Students Exchange Program

Our future program include International student exchange program, with this our students would be able to learn the education system of different countries and will have a new dimension of learning and understanding the outer world with a new concept.

Life at APS

Interactive Learning system

We have designed our education system for every class students as to create more interest on learning with more active participation in procuring best grades. Our state-of-art computer labs, Science Labs, modern Library system is the part of interactive learning system.

Coordinating Faculty members

We have team of expert professional faculty members who have wide expertise in offering quality education to each and every student of the class. Our faculty members interacts with each and every student ensuring grasping of daily subject classes personally or in class.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We encourage our students for active participation in each and every extracurricular activities in order to refresh their mind from routine classes. We have designed grading system as well for extracurricular activities so that students take participation with maximum number.

Talent exhibition Competitions

We believe every student has a hidden talent and we let them overcome by performing several kind of competitions like quiz, music, technology, paper writings, painting, and many more. We also provides grading for such competitions that encourages students for maximum participation.


Modern Library

Our state-of-the-art Library is filled with wide array of books, magazines and newspapers. Each and every section of books are categorized with shelves as to ease searching the needy books. Students are free to use library in their free time and grasp knowledge.

Science Laboratory

We have highly equipped laboratory of science that include physics, chemistry and biology. We have expert laboratory assistant and faculty members as to provide knowledge to students for every practical as per their subject and stream with complete foundation theories.

Computer Labs

Our computer labs are available for every class group of students, connected with high speed broadband connectivity with lots of e-learning education based software systems. Students are free to search and access internet as per their time availability in free time.

E-learning Classes

With the need of modern education system, its need of e-learning education system, which makes teaching and learning simpler for faculty and students respectively. We have several e-learning based classes which helps students to get more education of particular subjects.

Our Faculty

Nursery Standard

Our faculty member for nursery standard have wide expertise in creating students from first entry to getting into grade 1 and higher. Faculty members for nursery grade lets students to learn things in their own way and my making classes interactive with fun.

Elementary Standard

Once child passes the Nursery grade its way of learning things gets little bit harder , but our professional staff of elementary standard make learning subjects easier with more practical demonstration of each and every topic , it creates more enthusiasm for learning.

High School standard

Our High School faculty have years of experience in shaping students for high school exams which is the first step of carrier. We offer students several crash course classes as to secure maximum marks in high school exam as faculty members keep on constant touch.


We have excellent design education pattern for senior secondary students. Our faculty members for senior secondary standard in commerce and science stream have huge professional teaching experience and have delivered output results of students in the past.

Our Management

PatronGOC, 6 Mtn Div
ChairmanCommander HQ, 99 Mtn Bde.
Vice ChairmanCO 13 sikh
SecretaryPrincipal APS Almora
MembersRep. AWWA 2IC 9 Kumaon
ADM Comdt HQ 99 Mtn Bde
OC 232 FD Wksp Coy EME
Edn Officer, 99 Mtn Bde
RMO, 2/5 GR
GE, MES, Ranikhet
Principal, KV Almora
Principal, MVM Almora
Two Parent Members
Two Teacher Members